Asian Grilled Artichokes

Asian Grilled Artichokes
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  1. When cool enough to the touch, slice artichoke down the middle lengthwise. At this point, you can remove the "hair" and purple leaves that fill the middle of the artichokes with a spoon. They serve no purpose and have little "meat" on them. (I grilled the artichokes with that part still on just for photos because it's so pretty!)
  2. Place trimmed artichokes in a steamer basket and steam for 40-45 minutes, until leaves pull away from the whole artichoke easily. Remove from steamer pot.


I eat paleo. If you did not notice from the blog name, well, that’s understandable. It’s not Pale Omg, like the skin color. I’m usually pretty tan. It’s actually pronounced pay-lee-o.m.g. There ya go, you did it! I just love food.

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